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Managing backup and recovery efforts for traditional monolithic environments has been straightforward, but in the age of virtual machines, distributed applications, and cloud platforms, the traditional approach can no longer scale.

Calsoft assists product companies in developing backup and recovery solutions that are designed to perform at scale and fulfil a wide range of workload needs for present-day requirements as well as future loads, enabling simplified operations, reduced costs, and redundancy of organizational silos.

We help enterprises by assessing their current backup & recovery installations and develop solutions based on their policies, HA/DR capabilities, and business continuity strategies.

We develop plug-ins/connectors/adapters to support effective backups. We also provide backup & recovery functionalities for virtualized environments (VMware, Hyper-V) and enterprise business applications (file shares, common storages), databases (MSSQL, SAP HANA, and Oracle), and communication and collaboration (Exchange, SharePoint) tools. Our expertise also extends to development and implementation of application-aware snapshot based on orchestration and point-in-time recovery.

Integration forms a major part of modern data backup strategies. We support organizations with integrating backup and DR products into their systems.

Success Stories

Our expertise in new-age technologies and innovative approaches enable us to deliver end-to-end enterprise backup solutions to our customers. See some of our best work here.


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