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The technological fabric of the Networking space is continuously changing with emerging & trending approaches such as SD-WAN, WiFi 6 & 5G, SDN, IoT network segmentation & monitoring, network automation, network analytics through AI/ML, edge computing, Intent-based Networking, hybrid & multi-cloud, and more. Our network transformation initiatives are powered by our deep focus on innovation and our experience of working with leading entities across the Networking ecosystem.

Our network automation expertise comprises QA Automation for Whitebox L2/L3 switches; Zero-touch Deployment (ZTP) for Day-0 to Day-N of Network Automation; CI-CD-CD for Virtual Network Services; and NFVi Deployment Automation.

Our edge computing expertise extends to our contributions to open-source software stacks such as Akraino Edge Stack, EdgeXFoundry, StarlingX.

We enable product companies to develop network monitoring products that reach into physical and virtual environments. Our offerings include Data Services Integration, End-point Security, Container Security, Cloud Security, SIEM Integrations, SNOW Integration, Data Security, Scale-out Architecture.

We help product companies design and develop solutions across NFV technologies to simplify network operations. Our offerings include NFV Infrastructure Deployment; Orchestration & Services Chaining Tools; VNF Onboarding, Validation & Automation; and VNF Development & Benchmarking.

Our customers rely on us for their Application Modernization, Container Orchestration, Performance Management, Integrations, and Container Security needs.

We help our customers manage their networks and devices consistently and holistically with our SDN expertise portfolio that consists of Design, Development, Integration, Deployment, Testing, and Support for various SDN & NFV technologies.

We support our customers with Software Development (pluggable modules, CPEs, and more), Ecosystem Integration (plugin development, Edge configuration, and more), Quality Assurance (end-to-end testing, performance benchmarking, and more), Consulting (vendor selection guidance, best practices, and more), 24X7 NOC/L1 Support, and more.

In the emerging Bare Metal landscape, our offerings comprise Network OS Development; Protocol Testing, Day 0, Day 1 Deployment Suite; and Switch Fabric Integrations such as VMware, NSX, vROps, OpenStack & K8S.

Our wireless expertise includes Device Testing, Security Protocols, Performance Engineering, Wi-Fi Certification, Cloud Control, and Real-time Analytics. We also assist businesses in setting up an end-to-end Wi-Fi network.

Telco Cloud is an approach that combines the best of virtual programmable infrastructure with cloud platforms and business practices to build more dynamic, agile, efficient, and resilient networks.

We help our customers keep track of their network operations such as network monitoring and management, maintaining the network availability & performance by fixing the issues that can cause downtime. Our NOC experts assists service providers with 24X7 NOC support.

Big Data Solutions

Our big data based solutions helps wireless and wired networks with data driven and actionable insights that enables service providers with easy-to-manage and integrated system for better performance, enhance security and reduced latency

Our Services

  • Development of Protocol Plugins & Converters
  • SDN Controller Development & Integration
  • Development and integration of OVS-ODL-Core components
  • Open Virtual Switch (OVS) enhancements
  • Firmware porting and development
  • Integration with OpenStack & VMware ecosystems
  • Southbound & Northbound Plugin & API Development
  • Deployment Automation
  • QA
  • Solution Validation
  • Software Development
  • QA
  • Managed Services
  • Data Protection & Privacy
  • Endpoint Security
  • Container Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Intelligent Log & Performance Analysis
  • Configuration Compliance
  • Docker Network (CNM/CNI-based)/Volume (Flocker)/Security (Contiv)/Authorization) plugins
  • Management and Orchestration for Docker (Coopto for VMware)
  • Containerization of Services;
  • Container Orchestration Management & Security
  • Edge Orchestration
  • Edge Analytics
  • Cloud Integration
  • Wi-Fi-STA Engineering
  • Access Point Engineering
  • Network Planning & Design
  • Provisioning & Configuration
  • AI & Analytics
  • Compliance
Telco Cloud

Infrastructure deployment automation using commercial platforms such as

  • VMware vCloud
  • VMware VIO
Smart Networks
  • VNF & SD-WAN Development
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • NFVi Deployment Automation
  • Zero-touch Deployment (ZTP) for Day-0 to Day-N
  • Predictive Maintenance (IoT & ML Algorithms)
  • Edge & Gateway Development
  • VNF Engineering
Connector Factory
  • Analysis of existing connectors
  • Planning for infrastructure, licensing, partnership & procurement
  • Templating requirements & design
  • Maintenance of existing connectors
  • Supporting connectors through EOL
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Success Stories
Our Networking and telecom expertise has matured over a period of two decades. Our innovative approaches help us keep our customers ahead of their competition. See some of our best work in this domain.
Performance benchmarking for the VNFs deployed on VMWare Cloud

Calsoft supported the customer with testing the VIO (VMWare Integrated OpenStack) platform for VNF deployment and performance benchmarking.

NFV Infrastructure Deployment Automation

Calsoft helped a leading technology company by automating the deployment of VMware vCloud Infrastructure Platform for NFV.

Deployment of Microservices security platform on Azure

Calsoft built an automation solution to deploy the customer’s microservices security platform in the Kubernetes cluster on Microsoft Azure.

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