The digital transformation wave is growing stronger and wider giving birth to more and more digital natives and digital immigrants. Digital natives essentially cover a wider range of industries, including retail, financial services, gaming, media and entertainment, technology, and even automotive and transportation. The primary condition of continuous online presence and real-time data processing is fostering inexorable system complexities.

Calsoft is at the forefront with several years of experience in Cloud Engineering, AI/ML solutions, Data Analytics, IoT, Virtualization, Mobility, and other digital toolboxes, transforming industries. Our partnership with the best technology innovators such as Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft, VMware, ServiceNow, VMware, Citrix, and many others makes us a well-rooted and connected services partner. Our matured digital services and technology know-hows blend well with the passion and innovation of digital native enterprises. Our digital experts have also assisted many digital immigrants to migrate to the new digital model and make the best of what it has to offer.enable Digital Native Brands with

We enable Digital Native Brands with

Digital Platform Development & Management
  • New Product/Platform Development
  • App modernization
  • Infrastructure Modernization
  • CloudOps & DevOps

Differentiating with Data
  • Improve customer experience
    • Increase conversion
    • Drive loyalty and engagement
    • Be responsive to changing customer expectations
  • Improve Operational Efficiency
    • Intelligent Automation
    • Predictive Analytics

Monetize Data
  • Generate high-value, actionable insights from data
  • Provide clients with real-time access
  • Create new service offerings by selling insights

Develop robust cloud native applications with strong compute, storage, connectivity, and new-age capabilities. We support our customers with Microservices implementations, containerization, service mesh implementation, serverless applications, and more.

Leverage our operational procedures to optimize the usage of IT services within the cloud environment. Our offerings include CI/CD integration, automated provisioning & orchestration, CloudOps management, DevOps implementation, Cloud Security, Backup, Recovery, HA, & DR Configurations, Cloud Service Brokerage, and more.

Get full assistance to create and manage data lake effectively all while ingesting data in real-time. We help you build robust and holistic data strategies and help batch loading or streaming of data from various sources and further build pipelines as required. Our data experts are well-versed with various ingestion processes such as GCP ingestion services, and more.

Transform your data into an asset with our data transformation services. We help with data lake creation and management, cleaning of data, where we help with the categorization, sorting & cleaning of data, data integration, and data management using a plethora of native platforms such as Google Cloud ETL Tools, and more.

Make the best of our Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning expertise that helps digital natives with strategy consulting, project implementation, and managed analytics in the areas of data engineering, data science, bots & platforms, AIOps, and AI workload management.

Create interactive and interesting visuals to represent your data and maximize the possibilities to extract intelligent insights. Our data visualization experts can help you streamline and communicate your data better.

Accelerate digital collaboration with seamless integration of cloud-based applications & platforms, improve network and endpoint security, bring in the flavor of AIOps, and manage it efficiently with our tailored offerings.

Our Services

Infrastructure Modernization
VM Migration, VMware as a Service, Infrastructure Automation
Application Modernization
Application Migration, Legacy Application modernization, Cloud Native App Development
Smart Analytics
Data Ingestion, Data lake creation, and Management, Data Transformation, AI/ML engineering, Visualization
IoT Solutions
Sensor Integration, Platform Development, Application Development & Integration
Data Storage & Security
Data Archival and backup, Cloud Data protection, VM and Container security
Hybrid Cloud Management, Monitoring & management of Cloud OPS, CI/CD and DevOps, Containerization
Success Stories
Our Digital Natives expertise has matured over a period of two decades. Our innovative approaches help us keep our customers ahead of their competition. See some of our best work in this domain.
Cheque Digitization – for a Cheque Processing TPA in the UK

The project involved out-of-the-box solution architecture and design, data architecture to meet extreme QoS requirements.

Microservices Architecture for Identity Management Application

Calsoft is working on converting monolithic architecture of Identity service management product to microservices based architecture to achieve scalability. 

Application Performance Management System for Microservices Applications

Calsoft was engaged with the client as their engineering development partner. The engagement underpinned development end-to-end SaaS based took for application performance management tool.

Our HawkEye Articles

Digital Collaboration – A New Trend Amid the Pandemic

his research article describes the reasons for the accelerated graph of digital collaboration and also helps in understanding its long-term benefits.

Industry 4.0 – Beyond Revolutions

Smart, connected technologies can transform how parts and products are designed, made, used, and maintained. In all this document covers the changes Industry 4.0 is bringing with it.

Application Performance Monitoring- Health checker for business-critical applications

This research article covers everything about APM solutions which helps in making the right choice of the APM tool and in making an informed decision for maximizing business outcomes.


Data Generator for IoT Cloud Platforms

Read this white paper about the challenges faced while testing IoT systems and how Calsoft’s Data Generator for IoT Cloud Platform can make the process easier.

Move faster with Microservices

This whitepaper will be helpful in knowing about the process of application migration from monolith to the microservices architecture and principles of converting it, characteristics of the microservices, best practices involved in taking this leap, benefits of microservices, trends in microservices

Getting Started with Bare Metal

This whitepaper will give you a brief about what exactly is bare metal and how it is different and better than servers and cloud technologies.

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