Telecommunication service providers are transitioning rapidly towards 5G technology. This promises to serve subscribers through new-age, dynamic services with low latency and high bandwidth networks. The existing networks will go through major transitions from being hardware-centric to being driven by software-enabled technologies such as NFV and SDN. This change will further fuel virtual networks, which can have automation capabilities for configuration and deployment. In addition, new services will be actively integrated and updated, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Calsoft has skilled and niche expertise in every aspect where telecom providers will need their network to be digitally transformed. Our Telco services cater to layers of 5G architecture, with support for some of the following crucial 5G operations:

Calsoft’s Capabilities in Telco

  1. VNF Offerings
    • VNF and SD-WAN: Development, QA, Validations, Benchmarking
    • Orchestration: QA, Validation, Ref. Architecture Deployment
    • EPC Network – Cups Architecture, SGW, PGW, MME, SMF, UPF, AMF
  1. Edge Computing
    • Akraino Edge Stack
    • EdgeXFoundry
    • StarlingX
  1. Opensource
    • OPNFV, ONAP, OpenStack
  1. SD-WAN
    • SD-WAN implementation and optimization using NFV/SDN expertise
    • Valued-added services for SD-WAN implementation, such as dashboards, visuals, etc.
    • Managed services for SD-WAN to reduce OPEX
  1. Hybrid Cloud
    • Saas, Paas, and IaaS
    • Multicloud
    • Private and Public Cloud
  1. Containerized Services
    • Docker containerization
    • Migration of services to containerized microservices
    • Orchestration of containers using Kubernetes
  1. Automation Services
    • NFVi Deployment Automation
    • Zero-touch Deployment (ZTP) for Day-0 to Day-N of Network Automation
    • QA Automation for Whitebox L2/L3 switches
    • CI-CD-CD for Virtual Network Services
    • DevOps


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