Managed Service Providers

With cloud adoption accelerating across the globe, Managed Service Providers need to be more competitive and innovative while adopting new strategies to reduce cost and provide quality services to customers.

Calsoft acts as a catalyst for MSPs’ business acceleration by providing them with a competitive edge. We have in-house expertise in data center and cloud solutions, with a range of services—right from a private or public cloud, hybrid infrastructure to data center products. Calsoft provides solutions that are agile, efficient, innovative, and scalable. Particularly for MSPs, we have demonstrated cost-effective support solutions.

We understand the pain points of MSPs in assigning a dedicated support function to address the queries and issues of customers. Calsoft provides 24X7 L1 support to your customers, with a dedicated onsite engineer to fix the unsolvable issues. All this so that you can focus on your core business, leaving the ruts for us to manage.

Additionally, Calsoft has a proven niche skillset in:

  1. Deployment Automation, Monitoring, Analytics, Predictive Maintenance
  2. VMware Ecosystem Best Practices
  3. Data Security Solutions – Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery
  4. Custom Applications for Provisioning, Orchestration, Billing, Metering, Remote Operations
  5. Containerization

Our Case Studies

Customer success stories with Calsoft services

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