Once a Calsoft engineer always a Calsoft engineer!

Listen to our engineers’ stories…

Our engineers work smart because working hard is not enough and they spend their saved time prolifically!

Let’s see what all they do…

We innovate

You name it and we do it!
Software Beta testing 95%
Test Automation 90%
Kubernetes Networking 85%
NFV Infrastructure Automation 70%
Storage QA 80%
Containerization & Security 95%
ServiceNow 90%
DevOps 80%
Microservices 80%
NVMe SSD Certification 85%

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We research

To keep it upbeat!

Passionate to research in the latest technology stack and share the knowledge through different channels like blog posts, technical papers, conferences, events, etc. Here are some of the channels through which we published our studies:


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We contribute

Because that makes us happy!

Love for technology and innovation is driving us to contribute to the community with the opensource source codes. Calsoft has contributed so far to the multiple projects in:



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We participate

To make our presence felt!

Exploring new opportunities is in our nature, we don’t skip a chance to participate in local and global technology events. Learning about the latest know-how and implementations, meeting thought leaders and interacting with them, developing and nurturing relations beyond work are some of our takeaways from these events.

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We influence

To make a difference!

A belief to give back to the community by educating future innovators through multiple platforms. Under CSR cover we make time to educate under-privileged enthusiasts and tame them to be a part of the industry. We also educate through local meetups by sharing about our areas of expertise. And it doesn’t stop here, for the ones we can’t reach physically, we create podcasts and whiteboard videos.

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We celebrate

Our philosophy is work hard and party harder!

Rejoicing, Relaxing and Rejuvenating is our approach when it comes to celebration. We know the importance of traditions and hence we don’t miss any chance to celebrate our festivals delightfully. At Calsoft, celebration goes year around since we celebrate not just festivals but diversity.

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