Calsoft promotes OpenStack’s mission to develop cutting-edge open source software solutions for product companies on private and public clouds. Our dedicated OpenStack centre of excellence assists product companies in adopting and unleashing the power of the cloud.


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Calsoft’s services for cloud management platforms span across:

  • Integrating OpenStack with Cloud Management Platforms (CMP) to deploy, configure, and manage OpenStack deployments
  • Build CMP for multi-site cloud management
  • Enhance heat or integrate custom orchestrators

OpenStack Plugin Development

Calsoft assists ISVs in developing a wide range of plugins including:

  • Network plugin development for Neutron
  • Volume plugin development for Cinder
  • Ceilometer plugin development
  • File System plugin for Manila
  • Integrating OpenStack Swift based solutions for NAS/SAN arrays
  • Authentication mechanism plugin for Identity
  • Development of components such as Billing, SLA Management, Hybrid Cloud Management
  • Integration of products in virtual form factor with Service Chain
  • API/Driver development for software-defined storage solutions

OpenStack Monitoring

Calsoft’s offerings for OpenStack monitoring comprises of:

  • Integrating Ceilometer with monitoring solutions
  • Build/enhance Ceilometer to monitor new/advanced parameters
  • Monitor physical, virtual, and hybrid infrastructure
  • Monitor applications deployed as VMs or Docker containers
  • Network monitoring based on stats as well as full packet duplication

OpenStack Deployment

Calsoft’s deployment services for OpenStack include:

  • OpenStack deployment as a private or hybrid cloud using open source or supported versions of OpenStack such as RedHat, Ubuntu, etc.
  • Testing Proof of Concept (POC) deployments before moving to full deployments
  • Building Puppet, Chef, Ansible, etc. installers to easily deploy chosen services and plugins

OpenStack Testing

Calsoft’s specialties in testing OpenStack solutions include:

  • Testing OpenStack solutions – compute, storage, networking, application, etc.
  • Adding Rally/Tempest based or custom framework based automation to your OpenStack solution
  • Performance and scalability testing
  • OpenStack-SDN integration testing

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