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What is Calsoft Mozaic

  • A framework curated out of 22 years of Product Engineering & Business Consulting experience
  • A one-stop shop offering agile & intuitive solutions for modern-day ISVs & Product Companies to take the next giant leap
  • Delivering digital transformation, intelligent engineering, and future-ready services

Our Offerings

For Modern-day technology start-ups & stealth modes - End-to-end services from ideation to product launch for aspiring startups across Networking & Telecom, E-commerce, FinTech, Media & Entertainment, EduTech, and other industries.
For emerging ISVs - Digital & Cloud-first strategies, business consulting, and more for up-and-coming ISVs across domains like Networking & Telecom, Storage, IT, Retail, FinTech, and others.
For matured product & platform vendors - Platform modernization, digital strategies, technology consulting, and more for matured vendors across a host of industries such as FinTech, E-commerce, Networking & Telecom, IT, and others.
For established market players - Digital Transformation Lab, platform advisory services, cloud frameworks, and much more for established entities seeking to expand their universe across domains like Networking & Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Retail, FinTech, and others.

Key Success Stories

Conversion of live VM to Docker Containers

Calsoft has developed a tool which can be used to convert live VM into Container images.

Private to Public Cloud Migration

Calsoft was engaged with the customer for development of vCenter Plugin for private to public cloud migration.

Development of a Comprehensive Cloud Management Platform

Calsoft was engaged with the client as their development partner for their continuously evolving cloud management platform.

MEC & REC Edge Development with End-to-End Orchestration

Calsoft was engaged by the customer for developing 5G MEC & REC Edge platforms. The time to market significantly improved with Calsoft engineering partnering the design and development

Key Resources

Can a ServiceNow Integration Gain You a Competitive Edge?

If you are unfamiliar with the ServiceNow integration services or not sure which platform will best serve your needs, this research article will help ease your decision-making process.

Digital Collaboration – A New Trend Amid the Pandemic

This research article describes the reasons for the accelerated graph of digital collaboration and also helps in understanding its long-term benefits.

Why Containerize Traditional Application

This document features the evolution, trends, benefits, and drawbacks of using Container technology and explains why we need to modernize traditional applications with the help of this technology.

Kubectrlbot – Speak & Manage Kubernetes

In this whitepaper, you will see a robotic way of managing complex commands and operations of Kubernetes..

Data Generator for IoT Cloud Platforms

Read this whitepaper about the challenges faced while testing IoT systems and how Calsoft’s Data Generator for IoT Cloud Platform can make the process easier.

Getting Started with Bare Metal

This whitepaper will give you a brief about what exactly is bare metal and how it is different and better than servers and cloud technologies.

IoT Data Management: A Definitive Guide for Enterprises and ISVs

We have come up with an ebook to showcase organizations the prerequisite guide focusing the IoT Data.

Multicloud Adoption Redefined: A Data Storage Perspective for ISVs

In this ebook, we are highlighting storage perspective of multicloud implementation for businesses and technical overview on technologies.

Edge Computing: Bringing Intelligence Closer to the Data Source

The objective of this ebook is to give insightful information about edge computing to business leaders and decision makers.

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