Innovation powers everything that we do at Calsoft. Over a period of more than 22 years, an unrelenting quest for the next and a thirst for innovation have enabled Calsoft to stand tall amongst industry stalwarts. We have always been a technology-first company and believed in creating genuine value without compromising on quality, scale, speed, or innovation.

With the intent of accelerating digital transformation for everyone – be it a multinational conglomerate or a technology startup, Calsoft has launched “Mozaic”, a framework woven out of more than two decades of product engineering & business consulting experience that now supports hundreds of happy, global customers.

What enables this is Calsoft’s geographically and ethnically diverse family of experts who come from a plethora of disciplines belonging to the engineering and business domains. Their unique experiences of having helped a multitude of customers from different sectors in different parts of the world empower them to accurately understand the exact needs of different industry groups.

The Mozaic framework is designed to embody the same. With Mozaic, we don’t just give your business the technological legs to go the distance, but also strive for the holistic transformation of your business.

The pillars of Mozaic

Mozaic is hinged on four crucial pillars: our long-term customer relationships; our tailored, innovative solutions; our open source expertise, and our cherished partnerships.

  1. Long-standing customer relationships: We have built rewarding relationships with customers ranging from Fortune 500 players, ​mid-sized entities, to startups.
  2. Intuitive solutions: Our expertise and experience allow us to customize solutions that fit our customers’ unique needs accurately. Moreover, our intuitively designed agile frameworks offer our customers sculpted journey blueprints to modernize their product roadmap easily and rapidly.
  3. Open source expertise: Our deep open source expertise has enabled us to make valuable contributions ​to the technology community.
  4. A strong partner ecosystem: We have established powerful partner ecosystems and have expansive experience of working on ​elite platforms like VMware, Microsoft, Google, ServiceNow, Citrix, and more.

The Mozaic framework is a one-stop-shop expertly crafted for businesses to be able to embrace the best of disruptions and tackle the transformational challenges that may arise in their journey of digitization. But the following is what gives Mozaic the edge over others.

Why Mozaic?

Mozaic represents intelligent engineering, a balance of new-age and conventional technologies, future-ready service offerings, and a 360-degree approach to digital transformation. It encompasses all the aspects of product development & management and allows customers to significantly speed up their GTM (Go-To-Market).

Along with top-notch technical expertise with an easily assimilable, extended engineering team offering co-development, Mozaic also brings to the table L1, L2 & L3 support, managed support services, ecosystem integration, and business & strategy consulting.

Here are some of the most popular elements of Mozaic.

Specialized services with Mozaic

We deliver value to our customers by providing validation and integration of their products with popular, well-established services.

  • VMware integrations & certifications​: We assist with VMware certification to ensure compatibility of products with the VMware infrastructure.
  • Citrix certifications: We provide validation & testing support to make products compatible with the Citrix Ready program.
  • ServiceNow integration: We develop specialized ServiceNow plugins and provide certification assistance for the plugins developed.
  • Microsoft certifications: We help product companies ​validate their products against Microsoft standards.


Mozaic segments

The Mozaic framework is divided into four categories based on the scale & scope of the business and the product or service offering.

Mozaic Fast+

This segment is specially designed for start-ups and stealth-mode companies requiring support for fast-tracking early milestones, MVPs & prototype development, ecosystem integration, and more.

Our best work with Mozaic Fast+: A Small Office/Home Usage (SOHO) gateway

Calsoft assisted a customer in the development of components for their gateway product targeted for small office/home usage (SOHO). Our experts designed and developed a firmware upgrade module, a parental control module, and ported an intrusion prevention system.

Mozaic Transform+

Mozaic Transform+ caters to established market players requiring technology consulting & support services, digital transformation, post-merger & acquisition services, and the like.

Our best work with Mozaic Transform+: An analytics pipeline for anomaly and incident detection

We developed a full analytics pipeline and enabled graph visualization for anomaly detection for an energy meter device manufacturer. We created a custom edge gateway to data center connectivity and an ML-based pipeline for data analytics.

Mozaic Disrupt+ 

Mapped out to fit mid-sized companies, this segment incorporates platform modernization, ecosystem integration, business & technology consulting, and support for customer diversification.

Our best work with Mozaic Disrupt+: A comprehensive cloud management platform

We collaborated with the customer as a development partner for their continuously evolving cloud management platform. We provided an extended engineering team of skilled resources for online L3 support, the integration of new platforms, technologies, and the automation of workflows involved.

Mozaic Forward+

The Forward+ segment is designed to benefit emerging ISVs (independent software vendors), who need support for product engineering & GTM services, cloud-first strategy, DevOps assessment & deployment​, digital strategy via ​accelerators & IPs​, and more.

Our best work with Mozaic Forward+: A cloud cost calculator

We were engaged by a private cloud provider to design and develop a cloud cost calculator, using the pricing of offerings from public cloud vendors along with the customer’s own offerings. The customer was able to showcase their offerings better, highlight the cost reduction and price savings, and improve their offerings’ acceptance and customer conversion rate.

With the intuitive Mozaic framework, we have been able to meet the distinctive needs of our customers. Similarly, our popular ready-to-use blueprints for automation and ecosystem integration from the Mozaic framework have sliced our customers’ GTM remarkably. Thanks to our talented team, we have been instrumental in the all-around growth and transformation of our customers.

If you wish to avail the benefits of the Mozaic framework, please get in touch with us, and our requirement specialists will help you get started within no time.