As we are aware that data deduplication is a mechanism which eliminates the redundant data. This means it eventually improve storage utilization.

Until recently the dedupe solutions were very tightly guarded by a few big name vendors. And they were high-cost solutions for most of the SMB market.

Now here comes the open-source challenger:  Opendedup.

It has a Space Deduplication File System (SDFS). It gives many of the features of commercial dedupe products that too at no cost.

SDFS is a POSIX compliant file system for Windows and Linux operating system. It does the inline deduplication to local disk as well as cloud object storage. On Linux systems, a user can create SDFS file system. Similarly, on windows, we can have the drive formatted with SDFS.

Following are the few benefits of SDFS:

  • It can be very easily deployed compared to other dedupe solutions.
  • SDFS facilitates to have file level snapshots.
  • It has optimized replication which provides one of the fastest replication mechanisms because it only stores unique blocks and only unique blocks are replicated to SDFS volume.
  • SDFS is licensed under GPLv2. Which means it’s free to use and can be updated as required. And its source can be downloaded from GitHub.
  • The best benefit out of all above is SDFS supports various cloud storage such as: Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, NetApp StorGrid(s3), Microsoft Azure, SWIFT, IBM cloud storage etc. which means it significantly reduces the cost of storage once the data is placed in the cloud.
  • Deduplicated data can be stored locally, on the network across multiple nodes, or in the cloud.
  • It can be deployed on virtual infrastructure as well. And compared to other dedupe engines it consumes very minimum amount of RAM and CPU.
  • It does support high availability and load balancing.

To summarize, Open dedupe is a feature rich open source dedupe mechanism which provides support for local as well as cloud storage. And it can be very easily scaled out. Open dedupe is the great fit for various data protection product, long-term retention, virtualization, scale-out storage’s. It also works with share point.

Calsoft has expertise in the field of Cloud, Storage, Data protection and virtualization domain. Calsoft have done the POC for open dedupe. Based on that we can assist with various data protection applications as well as SMB market who are looking for cost-effective dedupe solutions to integrate with open dedupe to unleash the power of open source dedupe.

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