Development of Customized ServiceNow Plugins

ServiceNow provides plug-ins that integrate ServiceNow with third-party applications/tools. These plug-ins are developed using JaveScript & Jelly from ServiceNow to integrate with customer application/tools for fetching data center objects using REST or SOAP APIs and mapping them to ServiceNow CMDB. The ServiceNow plug-in provides various functionalities such as volume management, snapshot management, VM provisioning, VM actions, and more. Plug-ins provide extended functionality by adding approval management workflows, incident management, and notification.

Calsoft has delivered ServiceNow plug-ins to enable the provisioning of vRA resources from the ServiceNow Platform. You can find more details here.


  • Ensure product interoperability for smooth operations and an excellent customer experience
  • Seamless synchronization of information across on-premises and cloud-based apps and data sources

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Asset Discovery & Inventory MGMT

The ServiceNow plug-in for Data Center Asset Discovery & Inventory Management can be used to monitor the health, create a request on the discovered assets, and map the discovered inventory to CMDB. It can also be used to provide support for day-to-day operations such as VM on/off, reconcile resources, backup, and recovery on the discovered inventory. Supporting CRUD operations on inventory resources, monitoring inventory health, and raising automatic incidents with email notification are also some of the actions that can be taken.


  • One-stop solution for all your data center needs
  • Seamless health monitoring of your data center inventory

ServiceNow Security Operations

Seamless integration of the cloud-based ServiceNow security platform with third-party software and tools is possible. The ServiceNow security solution is a holistic approach and falls under the SOAR stack – Security, Orchestration, Automation, and Response. It collects data about security threats from multiple sources and automatically remediates low-level threats without human intervention.


  • Improved speed and efficiency of the security response
  • Smooth synchronization between Security and IT
  • Dashboards and reporting system

ServiceNow Certification

The ServiceNow platform allows you to develop custom plug-ins to meet your business needs. Calsoft’s deep understanding of the ServiceNow ecosystem equips enterprises with certified plug-in solutions. We help ISVs and system integrators in getting ServiceNow certification for the plug-ins developed. The ServiceNow plug-in certification assures customers that third-party products are compatible with ServiceNow products.


  • ServiceNow certification ensures that third-party products have passed a rigorous set of interoperability, security, and performance test criteria and are compatible with ServiceNow products
  • ServiceNow certification enables enterprises to publish their plug-in on the ServiceNow store

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