iSCSI Protocol Conformance Test Suite

Testers face a significant amount of pressure to release their products on time and within budget. They are expected to do far more with a lot less. It has become essential for testers to take up every opportunity to successfully manage product quality or risk launching flawed products.

Calsoft’s comprehensive understanding of iSCSI implementations has led to the creation of a readymade repository of test cases that helps vendors get their products to the market faster. Calsoft’s iSCSI test case repository dramatically reduces testing time while ensuring optimal test coverage.

ISCSI Protocol Conformance Test Suite, Test suite, ISCSI protocol

Our readymade repository consists of a wide range of test cases through which off-the-shelf as well as custom-built iSCSI hardware and software targets can be exhaustively tested for each of the categories listed below.

  • iSCSI Protocol Conformance Test Suite
  • Certifications
  • Target Interoperability
  • Multi-pathing at Target and Initiator
  • Target Configuration, CHAP, SLP, Discovery
  • iSCSI Security Testing
  • iSCSI Persistent Reservation
  • Driver Install and Upgrade
  • T10 DIF Testing
  • Software Management, CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • Limits, Boundary Conditions Min-Max Value
  • Performance Characterization and Regression
  • Data Consistency / Validation
  • Statistics and Diagnostics
  • Workloads
  • Storage Platform Testing

Additionally, Calsoft’s iSCSI Protocol Conformance Test Suite helps vendors swiftly validate target implementation compliance with iSCSI protocol, RFC 3720. The test suite offers IP Storage Area Network (SAN) developers a user-friendly framework to test iSCSI behavior in heterogeneous, high-performance IP SAN environments. The extensible framework comes with multiple test case sets that validate conformance against Login Phase, Full Feature Phase, and Error Recovery. The scripting feature provided in the framework facilitates vendors in effortlessly creating automated regression test suites.

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