Storage Emulators

Calsoft’s storage emulator provides simulation for a wide variety of storage configurations without the need to invest in expensive physical storage. The emulator aids scalability testing for huge storage configurations through LUN virtualization. This emulator can help you test storage FC switches, platform software, resource management software, and applications for data protection, replication, virtual tape library, and data migration.

Key Features:

  • Advanced features
  • High scalability
  • Ease of management
  • Multiple test configurations
  • Error injection

Host Emulator

Storage arrays typically operate in environments that are made up of diverse applications and operating systems. In the age of digitalization, applications for social media, mobile, analytics, big data, and cloud computing are creating new I/O patterns wherein peak and steady state I/O needs can differ by tenfold. For storage vendors, it is a daunting challenge to deploy a large number of costly physical resources to validate product performance against diverse datacenter elements and I/O patterns.

Calsoft’s host emulator offers a virtual, cost-efficient way to simulate multiple hosts, ports, and application I/O patterns from a wide range of vendors. The host emulator empowers storage vendors to quickly and efficiently test products against numerous combinations of datacenter elements, helping them ensure interoperability, functionality, and scalability in their products.

Key features:

  • Port virtualization
  • Record and replay
  • Smart compare
  • SCSI traffic generator
  • Ease of management

File Systems Emulator

Calsoft’s file systems emulator enables software providers to effortlessly and repeatedly create petabytes of data with minimal investment in physical storage. The emulator helps backup vendors test the scalability of their products and dramatically improve the performance of backup applications.

This emulator facilitates flexible changing of configurations through virtualization and substantially reduces source creation time. It rapidly populates file systems with petabytes of test data and empowers a single machine to churn out multiple, enormous sources for backing up. The emulator has easily tunable testing parameters that can be easily tuned to and can create the same file system over and over again.

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