Smart Accelerator Solutions for a Faster GTM
Kickstart your development with our tailor-made, ready-to-use solutions, and get a feel of how automation can help you reap benefits in terms of time, efforts, and cost savings.
Windows CBT
Our comprehensive understanding of Changed Block Tracking (CBT) has enabled us to create our own off-the-shelf IP – CSCBT – a CBT solution for volumes on the Windows OS. CSCBT is a pre-tested, reusable, and ready-to-integrate solution, which keeps track of volume blocks that have changed since the last backup.
Calsoft M365 Plugin
Calsoft’s 7-in-1 Intelligent Data Protection Framework for M365 takes full responsibility of keeping your customers’ data protected even during catastrophic failures of the M365 infrastructure. End customers benefit from daily backups & restores, data replication to multiple storages, and much more.
iSCSI Test Suite
Our comprehensive understanding of iSCSI implementations has led to the creation of a readymade repository of test cases that helps vendors get their products to the market faster. Our iSCSI test case repository dramatically reduces testing time, while ensuring optimal test coverage.
Generic Cloud Solution
Our Generic Cloud Interface enables software solutions and variable components to provide different services that facilitate communication with cloud storage.
Our emulators perform scalability testing on large storage configurations without physical storage; simulate multiple hosts, ports, and application I/O patterns; enable software providers to create petabytes of data with minimal investment in physical storage.

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