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Calsoft's VMware Expertise

If you are an ISV building a product to be deployed in virtual environment such as VMware suite of products, you need to be aware of underlying policies, architecture, APIs, interfaces, etc. of VMware products.

Software product development companies hire Calsoft for integration of their storage and networking product with VMware products. 

Calsoft's Expertise on VMware Products

  • VASA / vVols Integration for Storage vendors
  • Security and Compliance, Backup and Recovery, HA/DR/CA, Health and Performance Monitoring solutions for VMware ecosystem
  • Application development using VMware vFabric Framework
  • VMware Storage Certification at Calsoft
  • VMware Orchestrator Plugin Development
  • vCloud Director Integration
  • VMware Lab Manager
  • vCenter Plug-in development from 4.x to 5.x
  • vSphere API for Array Integration ( VAAI )
  • Device Driver development

Our customers leverage Calsoft’s skills in building, testing and deploying their product in the VMware ecosystem. A few to mention below: 

Storage vendors hire Calsoft to qualify their vendors to qualify their products for hardware compatibility with VMware infrastructure.
Calsoft’ VCO plugin solution assists you to orchestrate your customer’s storage and virtualization infrastructure and enables:
  • Effective time saving
  • Diminished manual errors
  • Complex IT workflow
  • Reduced operational cost

A leading consulting firm hired Calsoft to build an on-demand, remotely accessible sandbox to evaluate and test the feasibility of virtualization technologies on offer from VMware, Microsoft and Citrix.

ISVs hire Calsoft to build vCenter plug-ins that helps its customer to get these key benefits:
  • Enhanced usability and security with support added for vCenter 5.1
  • Backward compatibility  with VMware vCenter 5.0 retained
  • Single access point for storage & virtualization environment
  • Ease of use with a snapshot scheduler capability
  • Secure data on protected VMs
  • Provides convenient user interface for the storage devices
   vSphere API for Array Integration ( VAAI )
VAAI is developed to address challenges customers are experiencing when expanding the number of virtual machines (VMs). Calsoft helped its customers using VAAI's offloading functionality from the ESX host to storage array.

 Success Stories

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Customer's Speak

  • "Calsoft has managed the project superbly. The deliverables have always been on time or ahead of schedule in some case. The quality of the work is excellent. We could not have achieved significant milestones without Calsoft's contribution."
    Tung M. Nguyen
    HP Labs
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