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Virtualization Services

Majority of data centers today leverage virtualization in order to consolidate and save on cost. Storage and networking vendors should ensure their products are compatible and optimized for these virtualized data centers.

Calsoft’s Virtualization Ecosystem

Calsoft’s expertise in server virtualization technologies such as VMware’s ESX, Microsoft’s Hyper-V, Citrix’s Xen Server, and KVM allows storage and networking product vendors to integrate with virtualized data centers. Here are some key components in a virtualized data center:
  • Virtual data center orchestrator
  • Virtual data center manager
  • Hypervisor
  • Virtual data center operations manager
Calsoft's Virtualization Expertise:

1. Plug-in Development for Storage vendors
    a. vCenter Plugin b. SCVMM Plugin c. VMware Orchestrator Plugin (VCO) d. XenCenter Plugin
2. Storage Product Certification for vendors Click here.
3. vSphere API for Array Integration a. VAAI b. VAAI Test Framework 
4. vCloud Director (VCD) Click here.
5. Microsoft System Center 2012
    a. SCVMM b. SCOM c. SCSM d. SCCM e. SCO
6. Calsoft's VMware Expertise
Software product development companies hire Calsoft for integration of their storage and networking product with VMware products. Click here

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