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Calsoft's Expertise on VMware's vSphere 5.0
ISVs hire Calsoft to help you across VMware vSphere ecosystem. Our niche expertise on vSphere 5.0 enable you to revamp your storage products. 

VMware vSphere Ecosystem

Calsoft's Expertise
If you are an ISV with Storage Systems (arrays) you will need to support:

  • Re-certification of storage arrays on vSphere 5.0
  • New VAAI APIs (unmap)
  • Thin provisioned LUN that would enable the detection and recapture of blocks of storage
  • Implementation of vSphere APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA)
  • Updated SRAs (Storage Replication Adaptor) for SRM (Site Recovery Manager) 5.0 facilitating automated failover and failback 

And if you are a Storage Software ISV:
  • Make sure the software products works in vSphere 5.0 environment
  • Migrate older scipts to latest vCLI in vSphere 5.0
  • Make use of VMware vSphere storage appliance which will enable customers not having sophisticated storage arrays to make use of VMware features for storage requirements in virtual environment
  • Qualify management software / vCenter plugins
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Customer's Speak

  • "Calsoft has managed the project superbly. The deliverables have always been on time or ahead of schedule in some case. The quality of the work is excellent. We could not have achieved significant milestones without Calsoft's contribution."
    Tung M. Nguyen
    HP Labs
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