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Plug-in Development Expertise

Typical Challenges:
  • Multiple existing access points
  • Communication between various heterogeneous components (storage and virtualization)
  • Unavailability of integrated platform for the administrator

Customer Benefits:
  • Single access point for storage & virtualization environment
  • Ease of use with a snapshot scheduler capability
  • Provides convenient user interface for the storage devices
  • High visibility and faster application rollout 

Calsoft's Offerings
vCenter Plug-in Upgrade to Flex Based Interface(vCenter 5.1) 
vCenter Plug-in 5.0 Development 
vCenter Plug-in for centralized customer-ViSX storage management
 vCenter Plug-in Solution Providers
Fig: Sample Integrated storage system management 

Calsoft’s Expertise around VMware's vCenter Plug-in enables you with:

  • vCenter Server Management- Main control node for managing the IT environment
  • vCenter Server Integration- Integrate vCenter Server with third party products and applications
  • vCenter Database Storage- Facilitates long-term data storage for physical and virtual resources
  • vCenter Infrastructure Client Integration- Monitoring of a product deployed in virtual environment using VI
  • vCenter Agent - Facilitates communication between ESX server and vCenter server
  • vCenter Web Access Management- Facilitates virtual machine

vCenter Plug-in Typical Component Architecture

vCenter Plug-in Features

  • Provides storage visibility with ESX and VM 
  • Automates ESX host configuration
  • Provisions storage within vCenter across all available protocols to increases storage efficiency
  • Supports array based, VM consistent snapshots
  • Integrates with VMware View for provisioning and deploying
  • Responds better to service level agreement (SLA) and quality of service (QoS) issues
  • Employs redundant array of independent disks (raid) protection
  • Ensures availability of sufficient disk space

Contact Calsoft today to solve your storage management problem in virtualized environment.

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Customer's Speak

  • "Calsoft has managed the project superbly. The deliverables have always been on time or ahead of schedule in some case. The quality of the work is excellent. We could not have achieved significant milestones without Calsoft's contribution."
    Tung M. Nguyen
    HP Labs
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