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Strong IP Protection
At Calsoft, multiple customer projects run concurrently. A project consists of its team members and often includes servers & appliances in a LAB enclosure. Calsoft follows stringent IP Protection processes –
  • We understand the criticality of customer’s IP and its confidentiality
  • We pay special attention to inculcate IP protection and confidentiality practices
  • IP training sessions are conducted during induction process
  • Individual resources may also be requested to sign NDAs

Calsoft's track record for IP protection
  • Currently working with several competing customers
  • Not a single breach of customer confidentiality in 12+ years 
IP Protection provider

Data Center Separation:
  • Customer’s hardware is kept in a separate closed, locked and secure server room
  • Only customer’s engineering teams at Calsoft are allowed access to this area

Protection of Customer’s Data:
  • Customer resources are grouped together and segregated from other projects using VLANs
  • Configuration done using L2 / L3 switches
  • The VLANs are provided for separate broadcast domains and IP sub-nets
  • Access control lists are configured on the core L3 switching stack 
  • Limited access to a set of specific network resources

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Customer's Speak

  • "Even when the project grew to be larger and more complicated than anticipated, Calsoft efficiently delivered it in timely fashion."
    Meenakshi Kaul Basu
    Sun Microsystems
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