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Embedded Software Services
Calsoft offers a wide range of design,development and support services for platform and middleware layers which enables you to address embedded systems’ product development challenges such as low power, small footprint, and low failure tolerance etc. We can help your customers:

Customer Benefits 
  • Develop cost effective and scalable solutions
  • Integrate real-time solutions 
  • Develop and port RTOS, protocols, firmware, BSP, device drivers
  • Increase up-times & deliver consistent performance
  • Implement and port different protocol stacks
  • Develop embedded tools
  • Leverage development expertise in platform and middle-ware layer

Calsoft's Expertise
  • Development of device drivers, file system drivers for both H/W and OS Platforms
  • Firmware development
  • Protocol handler and stack implementation
  • Development of tools and utilities, soft emulators, system simulators and configurators

Embedded Testing Services provider

Calsoft's Embedded Testing Services 
Calsoft provides a wide array of testing services for embedded systems across Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), development platforms, and programming languages. Our services include embedded software testing, strategy and code-level testing, as well as coverage analysis, functional testing, stress testing, code review, debugging, and code maintenance. The testing services spectrum covers entire value chain including -
  • System Level Testing
  • Application Testing
  • Middle-ware Testing
  • BSP & Driver Testing
 Embedded Software Services

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Domain Expertise

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Customer's Speak

  • "Calsoft brings to the table a unique blend of wide and deep expertise in Storage and Networking technologies with in-depth understanding of all phases of product development engineering."
    Krishnamurthy Woonnimani
    Sun Microsystems
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