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Cloud Computing

Calsoft's Cloud Ecosystem

Calsoft brings niche expertise to assist you across Cloud ecosystem, if you are an:

  • Design, develop, test and support your Cloud Platform solution
  • Integrate various storage systems, SDN enabled networking switches and router appliances
  • Hypervisor support in your Cloud Platform
  • Hybrid Cloud Support
  • High-performance Cloud Caching

  • Customize Cloud Storage API
  • Provide SNIA CDMI support for 3rd party application integration 
  • Enable data migration services
  • Support leading storage solutions
  • Test scalability and performance of your Cloud Storage platform

  • Design, develop, test and support your Cloud Governance and Management solution
  • Integration services for on-premise and on-demand services

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Provider
  • Handle deployment details
  • Capacity provisioning
  • Load balancing
  • Auto-scaling
  • App health monitoring
  • App chargeback and billing

Calsoft Cloud Solutions:

Success Stories:
1. Calsoft's connector integrate IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator with Hitachi NAS 
2. IaaS Portal Management
3Windows based Client Applications for Cloud Storage
4. Virtualization Lab (WebApp) Software Development

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  • "Calsoft brings to the table a unique blend of wide and deep expertise in Storage and Networking technologies with in-depth understanding of all phases of product development engineering."
    Krishnamurthy Woonnimani
    Sun Microsystems
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