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If you are interested to work with us then email us your updated CV at jobs@calsoftinc.com
Calsoft's current opportunities in the geographies as mentioned below:                            

Why Calsoft?
At Calsoft innovative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and knowledge counts. It fosters an atmosphere of learning and personnel development.  We are looking for those who –
  • Are excited about working in core software product development 
  • Want to design solutions for Fortune 500 companies 
  • Are obsessed about  broadening their Domain Expertise 
  • Want to get trained with the best of the best 
  • Are inclined to think out of box
You will experience true freedom - to discuss, question and debate over established norms to create innovative products for some of the best companies around the world.
At Calsoft, it is not about just another job. At Calsoft it's a whole new life altogether. And it shows. It seemed like an impossible task when we began our journey, in 1998; on the way, we embarked on many 'Mission Impossible' initiatives and have turned them into 'Mission Possible' ones. And the journey continues...

Working at Calsoft
Work at Calsoft is stimulating, creative, open, and inclusive. Teamwork, mutual respect and equality are all balanced by respecting your individuality. We seek those unique individuals who embrace challenge - those who define risk taking and are proactive - and welcome the opportunity to effect change.

a. Culture
The way to success and personal fulfillment is continuous learning and growth. Our collaborative, people-focused culture contributes to mutual respect and open communication. We have several education initiatives, mentoring and personal development programs, and performance management programs. We foster ideas, integrity, open communication, diversity, and responsiveness to our clients' needs.

b. Fun
Apart from work, another important driving force is 'fun'. We believe that work and play are not mutually exclusive. From sports events like pool, carom or cricket, to treks, musical events like Dandiya, Antakshari, Ghazal Nights, and quizzes to stimulate your grey cells, Calsoft has organized them all. Within Calsoft there are clubs dedicated to Cultural, Sports and Adventure, Yoga, Music and Festival activities.

c. Nurture your Hobbies
Calsoft encourages employees to nurture their hobbies, to reduce their stress and increase their happiness quotient .These and the other activities provide a fun way to sharpen skills, express creativity. 

  1. Flexible timings - Keeping in mind the convenience of employees we have provided a facility of flexible timings wherein employees can choose the timing plan which is most suited to them.
  2. Work life balance - Bill junction facility is provided so that you don't need to worry about all those boring routines like payment of bills, personal travel bookings etc. 
  3. Health Care - Coverage for all health care benefits starts from the date of reporting to work. This is a premium plan that offers comprehensive coverage for health care and is very liberal about the choice of the health-care providers.
  4. Cafeteria – Free lunch and dinner is not the only reason to be here, the cafeteria at Calsoft is a space where people come together, be it for birthday celebrations or discussions over a cuppa coffee. 
  5. Soft Loans – After all there's something called as an interest free loan here at Calsoft to take care of needs of our employees. To fulfill short term financial requirement Calsoft provides an interest free loan. For such loans generally the bankers charge higher rate interest.


Employee Speaks

  • "It has been wonderful working with Calsoft for the last six years. Calsoft provided me with some excellent learning opportunities. I have grown professionally as well as personally over here. I have moved up the ladder from a development engineer to a senior development engineer to a Team Lead and then to a Project lead. I believe Calsoft is a true breeding ground for successful people. I feel strongly that Calsoft is a company that really cares about its employees and gives opportunities to those who deserve them. A strong leadership team is something that really makes a difference. They are the ones who have shown me the correct path to move ahead in life."
    Srinivas Rao
    Calsoft Inc.
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