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Unified Cloud Caching Interface
75% of IT executives expressed concern about security issue with cloud computing (ref: IDC Enterprise panel). Cloud computing means entrusting a data to a third party, hence, all security concerns about data are also handed over to the service provider. Can companies be sure that Cloud will take good care of their data?

Calsoft’s UCCI – Unified Cloud Caching Interface has overcome these issues with high performance caching component located at premises of the enterprise and communicates with outside cloud storage.
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Cloud Security Providers
UCCI appliance is connected to clients via a high performance LAN with dual giga bit Ethernet connections and has an optional dual port GigE add-on card to increase network performance. UCCI is connected via internet gateway to the cloud providers using Internet as a storage bus. Protocols that UCCI uses to communicate with the clients are usual NAS protocols (NFS, CIFS, WebDAV, FTP, RSYNC) and SAN protocols (iSCSI, FC).

Customer deployment of the UCCI device:
  • Cloud caching is installed and connected to the network using UCCI user interface
  • Once configured, users can registered either by the individual clients or by an administrator
  • Once the user is created an appropriate share with an associated protocol is created
  • Each share has an associated cloud storage account for backup as well as caching
  • After device been installed and shares created, shares are mounted by the client using an appropriate protocol
  • In order to backup database files or VMware Virtual machine images, the files are copied to the shares 
  • We also support storage of these files on iSCSI LUNs which are backed up by auto sync feature to another UCCI
  • Customer use UCCI either as a primary storage device or as a secondary storage device

Features of UCCI product: Cloud Caching Interface Solution
  • UCCI box encrypts data at enterprise and user level
  • Data is secure and cannot be misappropriated
  • UCCI box can also serve as a file indexer for the files
  • Clustered to provide an active cluster to ensure high availability

Customer Benefits
  • Persist cache data for rapid cache warm up or immediate cache restore
  • Achieve high availability and scalability for data protection
  • Increased storage capacity and low TCO

Contact Calsoft today to solve your security issue with cloud computing.

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  • "Calsoft has managed the project superbly. The deliverables have always been on time or ahead of schedule in some case. The quality of the work is excellent. We could not have achieved significant milestones without Calsoft's contribution."
    Tung M. Nguyen
    HP Labs
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