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Cloud Storage
Enterprise IT infrastructure buyers are evaluating Cloud Storage vendors who not only offer an on-demand model, but also support advanced storage solutions. Ease of integration and API support for applications to leverage Cloud Storage are also key criteria for comparison. Cloud Storage providers need to rapidly expand their implementations and support advanced storage services along with on-demand storage. 
Calsoft brings niche expertise to assist Cloud Storage vendors in:
  • Advanced storage solutions complementing your Cloud Storage service
- File-servers-as-a-Service
- Backup-as-a-Service
- Business-Continuity-as-a-Service
- Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service
- Compliance: PCI, HIPPA, SAS70
- Archival-as-a-Service
  • Custom Cloud Storage API and SNIA CDMI support for third-party application integration
  • Implementation of storage controllers – Expanded support for leading storage solutions in your Cloud Storage
  • Data migration services 
- Data stored on public cloud to your Cloud Storage solution
- On-Premise data to your Cloud Storage solution
  • Cloud Caching: Ready components for unified, high-performance cache for reducing latency of the Cloud Storage solution
  • Scalability and performance testing of Cloud Storage platform
Contact Calsoft today to solve your Cloud Storage challenges.

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  • "Calsoft has managed the project superbly. The deliverables have always been on time or ahead of schedule in some case. The quality of the work is excellent. We could not have achieved significant milestones without Calsoft's contribution."
    Tung M. Nguyen
    HP Labs
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